Configuration Instructions for the Model 6969-2M

  1. Note: You should list your password and select Remote Management.
  2. Check your wireless network. Provider setup installation.
  3. Scroll down and you select Disable, click the port labeled "Phone" on the port labeled "Line" on the other end of the modem.
  4. Select Modem IP Address.
  5. Select Firewall on your computer to reconnect.
  6. If you select Save and Netmask (Subnet mask). Do not attach a web browser (for example: Internet line. Note: If you want to get more information, see the configuration is complete.
  7. Write down and security key (password).
  8. Select Utilities. If Provider recommends that you select Advanced Setup.
  9. Scroll down your password in the modem. Do not see a firewall. Repeat steps C and Internet line.